We shall stay determined in our pursuit towards newer innovations and mission-critical solutions. In order to do so, we shall keep on adapting ourselves with the technological improvements to be the first and foremost in meeting the buyers’

CHF is a people company with highly motivated staff. As a conscientious corporate, we constantly initiate to help our people attain the utmost of their professional and personal levels. The regular workshops, seminars and learning session by leading industry professionals are just a few efforts to realigning the skills of our people in the current global scenario.

Together, we can :

With our experience and thorough understanding of global Market. World best practices and production standards. In-house capability to meet shortest deadlines and fulfilling orders of magnitude. We can be your partner in redefining perfection.

CHF is fully equipped for quick response to client needs of:

  • Extensive Sampling
  • Large Volumes
  • Consistent Quality
  • Timely Delivery

Set-up includes

  • 500 looms of various types.
  • Cutting, sewing and tufting equipment for State-of-the-art fabrication.
  • Captive transportation to counter occasional bottlenecks on timely delivery.
  • Permanent workforce of 1500 loyal and skilled craftsmen – only adult workers.

Expert team of traditional and modern textile furnishing designers and weavers.

Packaging is done to buyer specifications, with Bar Coding, instruction inserts etc., ready for retail shelf.