CHF strongly believe in strengthening its systems and processes. To make this system more responsive management has put in some quality guidelines. Such initiatives create value for money for our customers. Company has introduced total quality management approach, which enhances skills and involvement of everyone. Starting from yarn procurement till product delivery each process is taken care of with correct attitude. Appropriate training is given wherever necessary. Vigilance helps deliver promised quality always. Buyer pre-shipments inspection is always welcomed. We only promise what can be delivered.

We have dedicated Quality assurance team to look after each and every customers account. This team always checks quality within the floor through each and every process. For every shipment an initial random inspection is always performed.


Another policy maintained is broken needle policy. Under this policy, each machines operator is under possession of required needles only. A person (hall in-charge, other than sewer) is designated to collect and distribute the needles. Whenever a needle gets broken, the operator brings all the part back to hall in-charge to get replacement. In case, if any part goes missing then all merchandise of that machine is checked through needle detector machine. More over this if part is not still found, machine oil tanks is checked to find fallen bits. Magnet is used to check the surrounding area of the machine. All parts of the broken needle are taped on the report form immediately after replacement is done.